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In 1989, a group of former state truck driving champions were concerned about the bad image truckers were suffering from. They decided to organize themselves with the objective of restoring a more positive image and became the Maine Professional Drivers Association.

Founding Members of
Maine Professional Drivers Association

Denis Litalien 10/22/1989

Fern Richard 10/22/1989

Donald Blanchette 10/22/1989

Roland Gagne 10/22/1989   DECEASED

Rick Bryan 10/22/1989

Dennis Cole 10/22/1989

Jeff Murdock 11/10/1989

John Waisanen 11/19/1989

Donald Timpany 11/19/1989

John Labonte 11/19/1989   DECEASED 

Charles Nadeau 11/19/1989

David Gagne 11/19/1989

Clifford Eaton 11/19/1989

Randy Stone 11/19/1989   DECEASED

Karl Kraul 12/3/1989   DECEASED

Paul Bisson 12/3/1989

Ernest Latham 12/7/1989

Harland Pierson 12/2/1989

Harry Stiffler 12/8/1989   DECEASED

Richard Esponnette 12/9/1989   DECEASED

Ralph Trempe 12/9/1989

Ernest York 12/11/1989

Hutchins Trucking 12/11/1989

Marc Belanger 12/12/1989

Peter Philbrick 12/12/1989

Ronald Hutchins 12/13/1989

Bob Spear 12/21/1989

Robert Letellier 12/29/1989

Clifford W. Perham, Inc. 12/30/1989

Bill Ward 12/31/1989



The purpose of MPDA is not only to promote an image, but also to encourage drivers to live up to that image and promote highway safety in general. We hope to achieve our purpose through educational programs, positive publicity, truck driving championships, and legislative monitoring.



Educational programs for truck drivers include "How to share the road with cars" and seminars on particular topics. We also try to educate nonprofessional drivers on "How to share the road with trucks". Much of the educational work falls on the shoulders of our ROADTEAM



To counter the bad publicity the popular media is all too willing to give the trucking industry, we try to provide the press with news releases on the more positive things truck drivers and owners do. Members are also encouraged to write letters to the editors of their local papers for publication.



MPDA plays a leading role in the State Truck Driving Championships working with Maine Motor Transport Association to make this event a success. MPDA also assists many companies in organizing their own championships (sometimes called rodeos)



Through our legislative officer, MPDA monitors pending legislation affecting the trucking industry and provides lobbying on important bills. Past successes include the defeat of the bill which would have restricted trucks to the right lane in bad weather. Future successes will depend on active member participation.



The MPDA ROADTEAM consists of full time drivers who donate their time as public speakers. Typical assignments may include company safety meetings, driver education schools, or legislative hearings.


MPDA's periodic newsletter "Behind the Wheel" keeps members in touch with MPDA activities and contains trucking industry news, driver related stories and a calendar of up coming events of interest to drivers. MPDA also posts this informative website to keep members "up to speed" on any upcoming events and other information important to the trucking industry. Set this site as a favorite for your reference in the future.



Meetings are held quarterly. Extra meetings maybe held as needed during the Truck Driving Championship season.



All drivers are welcome to join our efforts, as are other persons in the transportation field. Applicants must fill out an application form and be voted on at an Association meeting. Dues are $25 per year for drivers - $65 per year for supporting (company) members. These dues are used for newsletters, mailings, pins, decals, patches and administrative expenses.



Additional information about MPDA and membership may be obtained by printing out the Membership Application , or dropping us an email message at:


Thank you for helping to make our highways safe for all drivers !!


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