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Celebrities Who’ve Bought Instagram Followers

Celebrities Who’ve Bought Instagram Followers

You hear a lot of information about buying Instagram followers these days. It is a marketing technique that instantly increases the number of people following you, the web traffic that you receive, and the presence that you have on social media. It’s been used for a few years now and by all means, has provided success for most who use the marketing technique. In fact, many celebrities have joined the crowd and purchased followers themselves. Interested in learning more about celebs who buy real Instagram followers? We’re her to share the details with you.

Ray Lewis

Former Baltimore Ravens linebacker turned commentator Ray Lewis had his personal assistant, Ashley Knight, buy followers to add to his IG account as well as for Twitter and other platforms. She used her email address which already had a quarter million followers. The Baltimore Sun reports that 32% of the sports star’s followers were purchased.

Michael Symon

Symon is a celebrity chef who’s appeared on shows such as Iron Chef and The Chew and numerous others. He is also pretty popular on Insta and many other social media platforms, with about 400,000 followers. If you guessed that he bought some of them, you would be correct in that assumption. It is easy to get ahead of the game when you buy a following to get you started.

Clay Aiken

The 2nd place 2003 American Idol winner and TV personality hasn’t officially confirmed his purchase of social media following, but after research, it was found that he made a purchase of followers to add to his IG account. Aiken has more than 188k followers on the site.

Wilhelmina Models

This modelling agency with locations across the United States depends on Instagram and similar social media platforms to attract fresh faces to its talent agency. A former manager at the agency confirmed that he made monthly IG following purchased to help get the company’s number up on these platforms.

Dan Leal

Dan Leal is an adult actor in the pornography industry. There’s no shame in his game and he is proud that he made the decision to buy followers. He said than everyone else is doing it, there is no hurt or harm to anyone, and that it works, so why not buy them?

Kathy Ireland

Entrepreneur and swimsuit model Kathy Ireland is another celebrity who’s confirmed purchases of IG followers. She is well known to many people with a knick for health and fitness. Over the course of one year, Ireland used the purchases to grow her account from 160,000 followers to about 1.1 million.

So, if you think that it is a good idea to make the purchase of followers, you’d be correct. After all, these celebs cannot be wrong! Just be sure to research the company and find a name that is working for your best interests. Sadly, not all companies offer real Instagram followers and some want to make money and nothing more. Don’t involve yourself with one of these names and you can get results just like the celebrities listed here did.

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